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Modern electronic technology compared to the archaic of a handmade object. An antithesis, considering the current aspirations is not, Hansen's sculpture unites tradition, present and Outlook, modes of artistic work that can be experienced so far, exist side by side with equal rights.

Modernste elektronische Technik gegenüber der Archaik eines handgefertigten Gegenstandes. Eine Gegensätzlichkeit, die bei Betrachtung der gegenwärtigen Bestrebungen keine ist, denn Hansens Plastik vereint darin Tradition, Gegenwart und Ausblick, Modi künstlerischer Arbeit, die soweit erfahrbar, gleichberechtigt nebeneinander bestehen.

Anke Zeisler, Curator

Nils W. Hansen

b.1978 Düsseldorf, Germany

Lives and works in Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany


Master Craftsman in Stone Sculpture, Düsseldorf 2003

B.A. Digital Film Design (3D Modeling), MediaDesign University, Berlin 2013

Nils Hansen, born to a Norwegian father and South African mother, is an Award-winning Crypto Artist  and sculptor.

His multidisciplinary approach breaks the boundaries between old and new and fuses them in an unsuspected way. His work explores the tension between the layers of digital imagery comprising various techniques of a more stylized approach to a more realistic outcome. Thought-provoking political pieces have recently been added to his vibrant output.

Painting since young age he originally intended to study in this field.  Deciding to bring craftsmanship and art together he became a stone sculptor. He achieved his Masters in this field, earning him numerous awards and scholarships. He spent two years in Carrara, Italy, in 2005 where he refined his skills in the field of marble. Carrara has a 2000-year history for its unique marble and has been ever since a mecca for sculptors from around the world.

Nils diverse background which fuse broad cultural influences was fostered even more in these surroundings. For many years (2006 onwards) his artistic journey took him around the world to almost 25 Sculpture symposiums and to the reknown Biennial of Sculpture in Chaco.

In 2009 he received a scholarship to further his studies in Berlin at the Babelsberg Film School studying Digital Film Design with an emphasis on digital modeling. The discovery of 3D modeling software like Zbrush and Maya opened up new horizons in artistic production.

Besides bringing in his knowledge in the Research and Development department of Daimler, presently Nils concentrates his energy on his Crypto Art.

His sculptures have been displayed in public space around the world and his digital works have been collected on the most reknown Crypto Art platforms.
They are featured in the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA), the Whale collection and bought by other famous collectors like MantaXR, Akira and Xray.

In 2019 he was awarded the A´Design Award in Silver and Bronze.


2019, 29th International Sculpture Festival “Stone in the Galilee”,Maalot-Tarshiha/Israel

2019, 24th Aswan Sculpture Symposium, Aswan/Egypt

2018, 28th International Sculpture Festival “Stone in the Galilee”,Maalot-Tarshiha/Israel

2018, 3rd International Sculpture Symposium, Baku/Aserbaidschan

2018, 1st Public Art Symposium, Bhubaneswar/ India

2017, Simposio Internacional de Escultura Itinerante,Entre Ríos,Colón, /Argentina

2017, 4th International Sculpture Symposium, Puerto General San Martin/Argentina

2017, 11th International Sculpture Symposium, Roldan/Argentina

2017, 2nd International Symposium of Contemporary Art, Guarda/Portugal

2016, 26th International Sculpture Festival “Stone in the Galilee”, Maalot-Tarshiha/Israel

2016, Chaco Biennial of Sculpture, Resistencia/Argentina

2016, 4th International Sculpture Symposium, Castelli / Argentina

2015, 25th International Sculpture Festival “Stone in the Galilee”, Maalot-Tarshiha, Israel

2015, 4th International Sculpture Symposium, Participating Sculptor, Istanbul/Turkey

2015, 6th Gypsum Sculpture Symposium in Gypsum, Laragne Montéglin/France

2013, 1st International Sculpture Symposium "Spirit of Diversity", Puntarenas/Costa Rica

2011, 5th International Sculpture Symposium, Roldan /Argentina

2010, 5th International Wax Sculpture Symposium, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

2010, 1st International Sculpture Symposium "Big Art", Kirkcudbright/Scotland

2009 2nd International Sculpture Symposium in "Autumn Inspiration", Penza/ Russia

2008 3rd International Wax Sculpture Symposium, Ubon Ratchathani/Thailand

2007, 2nd International Stone Sculpture Symposium "Clach", Largs/ Scotland

2007, 1st International Sculpture Symposium "No Excuse", Antwerp/Belgium

2006, 1st International Stone Sculpture Symposium "Clach", Stirling/Scotland



Exhibitions (excerpt)

​2021,  Crypto Art Fair, Beijing /China

           NFT Art Week, Hangzhou /China

           NFT Art Week, Shenzen /China

           Wow Summit NFT-Expo, Dubai

           ETH Summit, Denver /USA

2017,  Mamilla Avenue, Jerusalem/ Israel

2016, “A sculpture for Pope Francesco", Chiesa San Giuseppe, Fanano/Italy

2016, Mamilla Avenue, Jerusalem/Israel

2015,  Gallery F92, Berlin/Israel       

2015, Amateras Paper Art Gallery, Sofia/Bulgaria,

2014, ”Eve and Adam?” at Marienkirche, Frankfurt/Germany

2012, Centro de Arte Alcobendas, Madrid/Spain

2011, Town Hall Gallery, Roldan/Argentina

2009, Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles/USA

20o9  Rim Suan Gallery, Bangkok/Thailand

2008, Gallery Am Zault, Düsseldorf /Germany

2008, "Garten der Lüste", Gallery Gecko, Solingen/Germany

2007, "Rheingold",Gallery Gecko, Solingen/Germany


Awards & Residencies

2019, A´Design Award Silver and Bronze

2015, Nominated for the Innovation Price Amateras Paper Art

2009 Artist in Residence at the Silpakorn University, Bangkok/Thailand

2000, 3rd Place Young Stone Sculptor Award, German Skilled Crafts Organisation, Berlin/Germany

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